🔴 Multiplier Events

This final meeting was held in Ankara, Turkey. The applicant organization hosted an Out-of-School-Learning Conference (https://icilcongress.org/) as a multiplier event. This activity provided an opportunity for the dissemination of the curriculum and the ebook.During the conference, project partners were given three workshops about the curriculum and out-of-school activities, so that the value of the project increased and the curriculum was introduced to practitioners. In addition, the project webpage, which had interfaces in the language of the participating countries, ensured project sustainability and dissemination. Our other different group participants were also those who attended the multiplier event at the end of the project. These participants were in service teachers, preservice teachers, teacher educators, science center staff, and museum guides. For the multiplier event, posters were prepared and announced by social media. Posters were also sent to the universities in Turkey with official writing. They attended seminars where intellectual outputs were introduced. The curriculum modules (as a printed book) were given to them for free.